Your New Account is Ready

Congratulations your new hosting account has been successfully activated.

Please remember that it can take two or three days for your domain name to be activated.

You will have recieved your credentials via fax, email or post, you will need these to upload your website and configure your email, if you have not recieved your credentials please contact us.

Our system is SeNsItIvE to upper and lower case.

When you upload any perl, html, CGI or txt files then you should do so in ASCII Mode, zip files and images files should be uploaded in binary mode.

Files that include Server Side Includes (SSI) must end in the .shtml extension.

Please keep your password safe so that other people cannot get access to your files or e-mail.

Information on how to access your control panel to configure your email accounts and hosting options is provided in your welcome email.

Thanks for choosing Carbide Finger.

If you require any assistance with your account please call us on: